VCS Clinical Coordinator Product Features

• Receive calls on your cell phone while your number remains private

• Send free unlimited HIPAA-compliant secure text

• One-click Connect to all physicians, pharmacies and hospitals in the United States

• Bypass answering services for referral physicians to get more consults

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One-Click Connect

• Search for any physician, pharmacy, or hospital in the United States

• Advanced search based on your location and specialty

• Availability and additional information about physicians on the VCS Clinical Coordinator network

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Bypass Answering Service

• Share your availability in real-time with your peers on the VCS Clinical Coordinator network

• Instantly check availability of any VCS Clinical Coordinator physician

• Any physician can check availability from a regular phone using  your VCS Clinical Coordinator number

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Free Unlimited Secure Text Messages

• Fully encrypted SMS-style text messages that are HIPAA-compliant

• Free, unlimited, and secure text messages to physicians on VCS Clinical Coordinator

• Schedule delivery time of your text messages

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Keep Your Cell Phone Private

• Receive a VCS Clinical Coordinator number that you can share with anyone

• VCS Clinical Coordinator routes calls to  your mobile, office, or any other number you choose

• Calls are routed based on your real time status and schedule

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